The importance of a DESIGN BRIEF.

What is a  design brief?  …

A Design brief is a written document for a design project developed by a person or team (the ‘designer’ or ‘design team’) in consultation with the ‘client’. They outline the deliverables and scope of the project including any products or works (function and aesthetics), timing and budget.

A Design Brief is critical part of the design.  When briefed correctly, a creative healthy, collaborative, working environment comes to life.  The designer is only as good as a client brief.  Happy client happy life!


The design brief:  …how you can help us HELP you!

Short description (summary) of project

  • What you wish to achieve. A creative, collaborative space?

Description of your business

  • Corporate Identity!

Things you are providing the designer with (photos, website screen shots, diagrams, etc.)

  • Show us what your likes and dislikes are.

Design budget

  • YES! You read correctly.   B U D G E T!  Why you ask?  It saves time and as we all know, time is money.  It allows the designer to design to the correct spec.


  • We need to know!


Starting a project without a design brief would be a bit like proceeding to build a house without a plan.

Having  a design brief serves a guiding document.  The brief ultimately saves time and ensures both, client and designer are on the same page.

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